Young Heroes

In 2008 Fairhills introduced the bursary program with two participants. Although the community of Rawsonville where the project is situated,  have free access to primary and secondary education, we wanted to increase the possibilities for our beneficiaries by affording them access to a tertiary education. Gradually, the program expanded and we now have eleven students. We are extremely proud to introduce you to our young heroes – the first generation of Fairhills’s graduates. May there be many more to come!

* CV’s of all students can be provided on request.

Photo: Edwin Lloyd

Marcia May
Age: 20 years
Farm: Lorraine
Course: Human Resource Management
Institution: Boland College (Worcester)

Hello blogreaders,

I live on Lorraine with my mom, dad, niece and her daughter and my son. We are just an ordinary little family, trying hard to make everything work and keep a happy family life. My mom is a housewife, taking care of my dad who doesn’t work anymore because of an accident he had last year.

I never thought that I would get here where I am, studying and fulfilling my dream. I am so proud to be one of Fairhills’ first generation students.  The thought that I could be able to provide my parents with what they need once I finish studying means everything to me, because they mean everything to me. Fairhills brought joy into our lives and helped us when we were really in need, trying to find a way forward.

My plans for after I finish my studies and get my diploma are to get myself a good job in the wine or production industry. It would even be better for me if I could work for Fairhills because I want to put everything back into the project that I’ve learned. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t even be writing this story. So I want to give back what they’ve given me. I want to work and do this project proud because not everyone gets this kind of opportunity, and the fact that I’m a farmgirl, sharing a 3-roomed house with five other people gave and still gives me more than enough reason to study and bring the change to my own life.

I want to work! I don’t want my parents to grow old and say that I did nothing for them. I want them to be proud and to brag about their daughter. Working on a farm is hard work. My parents worked through the hot sun and through rain and windy days to help me to get through school so that I can at least have my matric certificate. I’ve already finished my N4 course and I’ve received a certificate for that. At the moment I’m busy with my N5 course in Human Resourse management and have an upcoming exam to finish so that I can get my N5 certificate. I’m putting all my energy into making a success of this course. I study hard to get great results, even if its just a test, it doesn’t matter. I still give my all. The great support from my family and friends helps me to manage the stress that comes with that. I know that with everything I take on, they are fully behind me.

Fairhills should just keep up their good work so more youngsters from our farms can have the benefit of education.

I am proud and honoured to be their bursary student.



Photo: Edwin Lloyd

Shelton Elbrink
Age: 21
Farm: Wagenheim
Course: National Certificate in Sport and Marketing
Institution: Boland College Stellenbosch

Hello fellow Fairhills-supporters,

The opportunity to go and study further, has been one of the best things that has come my way. I want to be clear. This chance from Fairhills means a lot to me. When I make it one day, I want to plough back into the community of Rawsonville and motivate the young people here to do well in school so that they can study further because that is the only way to get a good job in life. And, remind them that nothing can be done without help from Above.

My father died in an accident in 2006. I live with my mom on the farm and my three brothers Cyrus, Eddy and Rovellen. I love my family and appreciate everything they do for me. I am especially proud of how they support me during exam times. It is such a big help. Thank you guys.

As far as my future plans are concerned: I would like to work in the personal fitness training industry for three years and then start my own business, looking at different kinds of sports. I enjoy working with people and want to help them to keep a balanced lifestyle to live a long, healthy life.

I was made for the outdoors and enjoy doing sport that have to do with being outside. I have always been a good rugby player, playing either center, scrum or wing. I played for Goudini High School, Fairhills, Rawsonville United Rugby Club and Maties Rugby Club (Stellenbosch University). Some of the things I’ve learned in sport I know I will bring to my work as well. I am for instance a team player.

I’m hardworking and responsible. I’m an ambitious, teachable person who is always open to learn new things. That is why outside of my studies I do a lot of workshops to get skills that could help me in my job one day. For example this year I did a workshop in “Self Myofascial Release Techniques”, a kind of soft tissue therapy used to treat somatic dysfunction and accompanying pain and restriction of motion. I read a lot of sport books and watch sports channels to look for mistakes that the players made in the game.

I would like to continue doing my own sport as well. My goal is to become one of the best rugby players in the world and the best Professional Personal Trainer.


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