Las Ilusiones School

A student at Las Ilusiones

The Las Ilusiones School, located in Curicó, was founded in March of 1993 to address the needs of scholars who have special needs and are mentally challenged. The aim of the school is to educate, rehabilitate and integrate children and young people, with such needs and challenges into society as working individuals.

To achieve this aim, the school counts heavily on its headmistress Mrs. María Cecilia Basualto, a qualified special educator, and a competent staff of professionals amongst others a special educator, physical education instructor, cooking instructor, technical assistants, psychologist, social workers, kinesiologist and neurologist. Originally the school opened its doors to only 30 pupils but quickly grew in leaps and bounds. Currently it boasts a head count of 140 pupils, from newborns up to 24-year-old students. All have different special needs such as: psychomotor developmental problems, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, development disorder, autism and Down’s Syndrome. Las Ilusiones commitment towards children is based on putting a development cycle into place that allows these students to be introduced into the normal labour environment. It assist them with ways to feel useful, appreciated and integrated into society.

During 2008, Coanil, an non-government organization focussing on assisting people with intellectual disabilities, contributed to the completion of the school building. In that same year a gymnasium was also built thanks to the Japanese Embassy. In 2009 the Joint Body of Fairhills Chile, Jorge Astrosa Acevedo, showed its support to the school by creating a suitable play area. The joint body also committed three days of their own time to level the soil in the play pen and do some improvements to the garden area. With the new play area the students gained the opportunity for playful interaction amongst themselves and social development using fun games.

Future projects for the school includes the creation of more work space for the children’s needs, setting up a kitchen workshop where they will learn to cook and be self-sufficient and the installation of heating for the classrooms. Fairhills Chile is proud to be part of an initiative to build a healthy, integrated community.

Written by Maria Jose de Rosas


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