“El Martillo” Health Center

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To the east of Mendoza lies one of the most well-known rural vineyard towns of Argentina named Medrano, the place where the Fairhills Argentina initiative was born. Since 2007 Fairhills Argentina has been very active in assisting this needy community, and has now strengthened its roots there by contributing to the construction of much needed infrastructure within Medrano.

The community of El Martillio, a poor, small village on the borders of Medrano consists of 310 families, 90% of whom work in vineyards. As we all know, vineyard work is hard, with small benefits if you are an employee, making it very difficult to supply all the needs of your family.

More than 800 people living in El Martillo and surrounding villages usually go to the small health care clinic located in a rented house within the village. Although this clinic takes care of the basic medical needs of the community, the surface space of the house creates enormous restrictions. Only a small number of individuals can be attended to at the facility, even though the staff at the center are working day and night.

After many years of logging complaints and requests to the local authorities, Fairhills Argentina took it upon themselves to pursue the matter further with local government. On 9 February 2010 the dream was realized when the community of Martillo, Fairhills Argentina and the Municipality of Junín signed an undertaking to construct a new health care center for the community.

This undertaking saw the first brick being laid on the 6 June 2010 for the construction of the Los Cowboys Community Clinic. Fairhills Argentina invested UDS$ 12500.00 for the building material needed and the Municipality of Junín contributed towards the manual work.

The Los Cowboys Community Clinic will provide a surface area of 70m² which will include 2 consultation rooms, a waiting room, dispensary and bathrooms. The construction will be completed by October 2010.

*Written by Maria Jose de Rosas


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