Gavin Fourie is the office manager for the Fairhills Association. Read our interview with him in the I Am Fairhills series. Gavin has been our lifesaver on many an occasion offering logistical support. You will also find his poems and devotions on this blog. He says:

“Being part of this project is such a privilege and I hope to encourage others to use all the opportunities provided. I intend to do so. ”


Charlotte Moses is manager of the Fairhills Craftshop. She is enthusiastic about all the possibilities the shop offers to create employment and feels strongly about supporting local artists in the community. She says:

“Happiness. Joy. Those are just two of the many words to describe how I feel to be part of something so special. I’m very proud of the Fairhills project because we have achieved so much and we are still going strong. My future is looking very bright! I am so grateful.”


From Mendoza Vineyards in Argentina, the heart of the South American arm of Fairhills, Ana Lis joins us. She translates the Spanish blog contributions and works in the office at the front desk. She says:

“I have been lucky to meet so many workers and producers, see the farms and towns. It is very rewarding to see fairtrade moving peoples worlds to help realize their dreams of a better community, and to know that I contribute a small part to it.”


Also from Argentina, Maria José de Rosas, joins us. She a degree in social communication and is currently attending an MBA in business administration. Maria loves sports and plays football every weekend. She is an avid reader, likes writing and singing. She says:

“I’ve been working at Mendoza Vineyards as Fairtrade coordinator since last year and I really enjoy my job. Before then, I never heard about Fairtrade. I think it is something very important especially in countries like Argentina were the social differences are very strong.”


Marlen Hendricks is a library assistant at the Fairhills Association’s library. His hobbies are drawing and doing woodwork. He was a founder-member of the blog team.
He says:

“If you have never heard of us before, you’ve made the right stop.  As with any project trying to do good and improve the lives of people, we have our highs and lows. I hope to be able to share with you more highs than lows. I look forward to introducing you to my valley and its people.”


Andres de Wet has worked in many fields after studying Geology and Environmental Science at the University of Stellenbosch, including wine-marketing, politics and architectural design (abroad). He runs his own consultancy business for landscape and environmental design and assists in government development projects. He acts as consultant for environmental and empowerment projects to Fairhills. He says:

As we know, Fairhills is committed to sustainable farming practices. This not only includes the fair treatment of staff and producers, but also the fair treatment of the environment. We have embarked on projects that facilitate the improvement of the environment, both to the benefit of human beings and nature alike. I look forward to providing you with updates on these.


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