Fairhills Sports Day Rocks!

7 Nov

The annual Sport Day of the Fairhills Fairtrade Wine Project was held on Saturday 6 November 2010 at the Brandvlei Sportsgrounds in Rawsonville. It is the undisputed highlight on the calendar for the Fairhills Community. The exuberance and excitement that characterizes this day is something you can only grasp when you experience 1200 people cheering for their teams, first hand. Hamilton Pharaoh, a lecturer at the Physiotherapy Department of the University of the Western Cape was a special guest at this event. After a very first excited SMS reading: “Sportdag ruk! (Sports Day rocks!), this is what he had to say:

“Sport has been one of the biggest building blocks in societies all over the world. Even more so in South Africa as sport became a medium for black communities to unite in the Apartheid days. A medium that made people forget about all that is not so good and just enjoy the moments that make heroes of ordinary people on the sports field.

Today I see faces smiling, happy and proud of who they are, where they come from and dare I say it, a future worth dreaming of for generations to come. I see a field of colour as participants today identify themselves with T-shirts and banners depicting the farm they come from.


The words of the MC Suisi Pieterse struck home: “Ons kan skeppend wees”/”We can be creative. As a proud South African this is what I dream of. People who don’t just talk but make the effort to improve the lives of those who play such an important role in building the farms that produce the products that are exported all over the world.   A sentiment that was echoed by the speaker for the day Claud V. Schroeder, Executive  Director: Rural and Social Development Cape Winelands District Municipality: “People all over the world enjoy the fruits of the hard labour, early hours, late nights that farm workers put in every day. Be proud of what you accomplish every day.”

Today, I don’t see farm workers! I see faces full of hope, kids dancing to our World Cup dance anthem, Waka Waka, smiling . . . happy. The dream continues, it is indeed their time to shine…

Hamilton Pharaoh was physiotherapist to the SA Sevens (2001-2002) and SA u/21 physio 2004-2006


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