Music, laughter and good wine

13 Oct

This weekend was the Outdoor Festival in the Breede Valley in Rawsonville. Charlet Moses got a glimpse of the main attraction at Du Toitskloof Cellar, Ollie Viljoen and Valiant Swart.

The festival is all about wine tasting and having fun. The wine cellars have various activities running as each try to get the visitors’ attention. For a festival pass that only costed R40-00 you could taste as much wine as you wanted at any cellar you wanted.  Du Toits Kloof wine cellar, partner of the Fairhills Project, invited two musicians to entertain the crowd on Friday night. They were the two Afrikaans stars Ollie Viljoen, stalwart of Boeremusiek (a traditional form of Afrikaans music) and Valiant Swart, Afrikaans rocker. All the tickets were sold out for the preformance. Ollie and Valiant stepped on stage at 20h00 and was greeted by loud applause from the crowd.

Ollie, far left, and Valiant under the spotlight at Du Toitskloof.

They started with one of the songs from their new album , Wild en Wakker (wild and awake). Valiant jokingly said, the album was called “wild en wakker” because Ollie, who is well ahead of him in years, is wild and awake. The crowd was down on the ground laughing.  That got the show off on a good note with lots of laughter, but it was not the end of it. After the first song Valiant first asked the crowd if he should sing harder, but then said he couldn’t, and they actually also shouldn’t, because they all should save their voices to cheer on the Western Province rugby team, which was playing the next day. Rugby is huge in the Rawsonville community so this comment hit the right spot with the crowd.

If the duo proved one thing besides the fact that they are skilled musicians — Valiant on guitar and Ollie on the accordion — it is that they know how to entertain a crowd and keep them glued to their seats. They did not only play the music but also shared with the crowd details of their songs, pulling them in and making them enjoy the show even more.

They did two sets and inbetween joined the rest of the people for a warm dinner. The food was prepared by the Fairhills Coffee Shop and severed by the Fairhills waiters.  The evening was a combination of music, laughter and good wine.


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