Weekend break away for Fairhills Youth

29 Sep

It was a weekend to remember. Kogelberg farm hostel is the place to be when you want to have rest for body, heart and soul.

Every year the Fairhills Youth Club go on a camping weekend, offering the youngsters a rare opportunity to get out in nature. This is one of the highlights on the Youth Club’s calendar. This year the youth camp was held at the Kogelberg Nature Reserve in Grabouw on a wine farm surrounded by mountain, trees and vineyards.

An excited bunch of young people left on 10 September 2010 for the weekend. We arrived at the nature reserve at 7.30pm. Mrs. Elsa Du Toit, manager of the reserve, was there to give us a warm welcome. The kids were so excited that, as soon as the bus stopped, they jumped out and ran to the hostel to choose their rooms. At 8pm everyone had a bed to sleep in and was settled.

While Marthinus de Bruyn, chairman of the Fairhills youth club, and some of the girls prepared supper, I took the kids to the conference hall to keep them busy with games and karaoke and that was great sports. After supper it was bedtime at 9.20pm.

On Saturday morning after breakfast we took off to town for some shopping. Back at the farm hostel the fun continued with games on the rugby field. From far off you could hear shrieks of laughter. It was good to see everyone being so carefree. That evening the girls organized a dance and a special menu for supper. To see everyone working together to make so many fantastic things happen was really amazing.

Sunday morning, the last day of camp, the kids started to pack their bags to go home, but nobody was very keen to do that. The weekend was a huge success. After lunch they played their last games. When we hit the road again at 1.30pm, everyone was singing the song “We don’t want to go home” at full volume.

We arrived home, all safe and sound – no one was missing – with lots of wonderful memories of another great weekend. There were so many special things, but one thing no one will forget is the drinking water, real mountain water which was to die for. It was as refreshing as the whole experience.
Written by Gavin Fourie


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