Glamour night at Fairhills

28 Sep

The Youth Club of Fairhills held a Modeling Show for the second year in a row on 20 August. Like last year preparations started months before. A lot was expected of this evening as initiatives such as these are important to the Fairhills community. It provides young people in the project with socially uplifting activities.

Two dress rehearsals were held in the week before the final show to make sure everything would go smoothly on the big night. For some of them it was fun, but some participants had a mixture of excitement and a lot of nerves. “Yes, I am excited. I can’t wait for everything to get started,” said Rozanne Willemse, one of the contestants, just managing to keep her nerves under control.

Eighteen girls and thirteen boys took part in the competition. Gavin Fourie was the master of ceremonies of the night and by all accounts did a good job. Gavin was also the entertainer for the night because the booked performer cancelled on the day of the show. Apart from his performance a group of young kids from the community had the audience on their toes with their funky dance move’s.

Meagan Smith, Charlet Moses, and Charme Mandy were the jugdes for the night. “For us as judges it was not an easy task to perform, because all the contestants gave their best and all of them looked so beautiful. We could not make a decision, but finally we came to an agreement,” said Charme Mandy.

The winners of 2010 Mr and Ms Fairhills were Ingrid McPherson and her brother Jonathan McPherson. “I could not believe it when I heard that I won this year’s competition,” said Ingrid. “I can only agree,” said her brother Jonathan McPherson, beaming. Their mother, Lena McPherson, was jumping around for joy. “I am very happy that both my kids won,” she said.

People from all over the project come to attend this modeling competition. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the atmosphere was happy and cheerful. Organizer Gavin Fourie said the youth club is very thankful towards everyone who made this show a reality and helped to organize this event: Fairhills Association, Du Toits Kloof Cellar, Origin Wines, Deetlefts, Alpha and Omega, Fairhills Craft Shop and Edwin Lloyd who was responsible for the video-recording.


Miss Fairhills : Ingrid McPherson (Lorraine Farm)
1st princess : Rozanne Willemse (Wangenheim Farm)
2nd princess : Karen Vermeulen (Wangenheim Farm)
Miss Personality : Jo-Hanna Conradie (Tierstel Farm)

Mr Fairhills : Jonathan McPherson (Lorraine Farm)
1st prince : Denzel Hendricks (Wangenheim Farm)
2nd prince : Eldrige Swarts (Florence Farm)
Mr personality : Steven Van Heerden (Onderplaas Farm)


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