Rawsonville’s Boeremeisies

18 Aug

It has been called the hidden jewel of Rawsonville. Most people, when they see it for the first time, are amazed at how beautiful it is. Die Kaggel, meaning fireplace, as the coffee shop is called, has a reputation of getting people hooked, not just because of the delicious food and peaceful surroundings, but also because of the friendly service you get there.

Managing the coffee shop is the jovial sister- in-law team of Anmareth and Cecile Smith, the wives of two producers in the Fairhills project. So far, the shop is doing very well and they are receiving a lot of support from the Rawsonville residents. “It feels very good to have the support of the towns people ” Anmareth and Cecile said about the Rawsonville residents.

Cecile (Left) and Anmareth

The decision to renovate an old warehouse into a place where you can eat and snuggle up seemed strange. What could you do with a space like that? But the two had a plan. A big fireplace was build for a cozy atmosphere in winter. It was filled-up with everything that is old and has a story to tell. From an old cash-up register to a gramophone. The cash-up register comes from “Sully se hoek” (Sully’s corner), where the farmers used to shop. Later it was used on the farm Klipdrift in the farm shop until Anmareth’s nephew Niel “Tippel” Du Toit give it to her.

Two of the coffee shop’s specialties are the baked cheese cake and super large milkshakes. They are a must to try for anyone visiting for the first time. “After you have a taste of it you will come back for more,” two Worcester residents, Elna and Ella, said.

Fairhills coffee shop is also child-friendly. There is a very nice outside play area for kids and a room where they can play and watch DVD’s while mom and dad eat in peace. “It’s a nice place to come together and socialise and its safe for you’re kids. It’s very beautiful and the place has a very calming atmosphere, ” Antoinette Van der Merwe and Jacoline Brink, two regulars from Rawsonville said.

Amareth and Cecile are two typical “boeremeisies” (farm girls), and by that I mean they are beautiful, eye-catching and very humble with that something special about them. And now they have given Rawsonville their own “boeremeisie” – a coffee shop that catches the eye – using décor elements inspired by the past to create something new.

*Written by Charlet Moses


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