Fairhills Heroes (2)

20 Jul

Our second hero:
Isak Anderson (44)
Farm: Goudyn
Family: Life Partner

“I had a wife. But these days . . . I lost her because of alcohol. We did not have kids. She left. She just went there where she went. But she was also in alcohol. I wasn’t interested in finding someone like that again, I said. The alcohol was a problem. I was going to loose my job like Dawid (other Fairhills Hero). Then I went to Alitha for help. And so she sent me to the rehab center. Ja. There I learnt about good things (goeiegeit). I went to groups. And now I can only praise God.

Many people got a shock when they saw me again. They saw, sjôh, he is nice and fat. Even those who used to drink with me. They were so happy, they wanted to give me wine, they were so happy. But I said ‘no’, I’m over that. There were many people there with us, but after the first 2/3 weeks of being back they walk around with limp heads again. Then they say it’s their tjommies (friends) forcing them. Now how can one person force another person? You can’t go through life looking around you. You must look ahead. In front is the light. Behind you is the darkness.

There was one man who was with us. When he came back he started drinking again. He was almost dead because the pills we got there don’t connect with the alcohol. You can’t go and do that! This is no game. He swore he would never touch drink again.

I have new friends now. They don’t drink. They don’t smoke. I live up there close to where the after care for us rehab people are. I will keep on attending. I won’t forget it. And I will always give thanks to Fairhills for sending me.

I speak to a lot of people. But people don’t want to listen until the ambulance comes or they have to call the police or bury someone. I tell them to stop killing themselves. But they don’t give me their ears. Even the woman I have in my life now. I talk to her a lot. I tell her, I learnt about the good things in that program. She must go there as well. Next week she will come with me to Alitha. She has a child who stays with the man she had. He was also a man of drink. But he knew how to drink. Not like her. She went over her limit.

People tell me I am crazy to look after her. But I said I will take care of her. I will keep my promise. I don’t get tired of it. But I don’t give her money. I said, a drunk will never have my money. Otherwise you ruin what I try to build. I buy her other things: fruit, cool drinks, nice things. Not alcohol. She is young (29). She cannot throw away her life like that. Now she wants to go because she says she sees I don’t give up on her. I said she mustn’t go and waste time. But she is serious. She said she is serious.

I tell everyone how this project has helped me. I always say to them on the farm. It has saved my life.”


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