I Am Fairhills Series – Gavin Fourie (20)

19 Jul

‘Spoilt’ to do good

Yes, yes I am spoiled because when I want something I always get my way. I’m the youngest of three brothers and I’m used to getting my way,” he says bursting into laughter.

You can hardly imagine the soft-spoken young man throwing a tantrum to “get his way”. Listening to what others have to say about him, it might rather be a case of twisting this so-called “spoiltness” into stubborness, determination and focussed energy to the good of those around him. Gavin Fourie (20), who matriculated from Breeriver Secondary School in Worcester, currently works as office manager for the Fairhills Association where his duties include accompanying visitors to the projects, organising Joint Body (executive arm of the project) meetings and meetings for the youth, women’s and sports clubs.

Says Jimmy Mandy, accountant for the project: “Gavin is an excellent organiser. He has been responsible for many great events in the project like talentshows and pageants and our annual sports day. He takes a lot of responsibility onto his shoulders for such a young man and I believe that with the right guidance, he has a bright future.”

Right now he is busy organising the next Mr. and Ms. Fairhills. He is in charge of every aspect of the pageant, from finding sponsors, developing the decór, stage direction, working with participants to printing the tickets.
I like to see things happen. When I’ve organised something, I like to sit back and go ‘that worked, that was great, that needs to be better next time. I can’t sit still,” he says calmly, hands folded in his lap.

He doesn’t seem to be kind of person who goes for his goals, making a lot of noise. In the same quiet way, he is an inspiration to the youth in the project.
I guess people look up to me. (Pause) Ja, I think I’m a rolemodel,” he then says confidently. “People talk to me. I like listening to them. (Pause) We must take care of each other. In the youth group we talk a lot about respecting each other. Doesn’t matter that we are from different farms. We are part of one project and we need to build each other.”

Besides his job as office manager he in involved with the aftercare programme for kids – an initiative started by the spouse of one of the producers – trains the choir, performs with the Fairhills Youth Band, writes his *own poetry and takes singing lessons himself once a week. All in a days work. The singing ambitions started after the Songstar Fairhills talent competition organised last year by Natalia da Rocha’s Applauz Arts Initiative and South African television presenter, Charlene Truter. Next year he hopes to do a course in Events Management.

He has high praise for the opportunities made possible through the project and strong criticisms, delivered with youthful bluntness, against any lack of appreciation thereof.
What I can say is that things really improved a lot when the project came. It gave us a lot of opportunities to achieve things we did not have before. For instance, the project is helping me to get my driver’s license now. That is a big thing. But if I can be honest, I think some people are spoilt a bit. You can’t just take. That’s why we have clubs (women’s, youth, sports club) so we can do our own functions, raise some funds. So that we can say we are also doing our duty to make things happen.”

But one thing even a motivated, organised young man like himself cannot “make happen”, is a tidy cupboard.

It just goes like that. I don’t know how. Everything ends in heaps and bundles. But there is a reason, you know. I can just grab an arm of a shirt and pull it out. That’t much easier, isn’t it? Hey, isn’t it?”

*Rising above your raising
by Gavin Fourie

Don’t let circumstances get you down
Try to overcome it
Make the best out of it
For your own good sake
Rising above your raising

If you’ve got a dream keep it alive
Don’t let it disappear
‘Cause the moment it’s gone
You’ll be left with only fear
Rising above your raising

Just keep on dreaming
Let it change your life
Just keep on dreaming
Give you strength to survive
Everything is possible
Rising above your raising


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