Fairhills Craft Co-operative expands

10 Jun

If you have a look at the Fairhills Craftshop these days you’ll be surprised to see what a variety of products they can offer you.

Situated at less than one kilometre from the Fairhills Community Centre (FCC) and from town, the craftshop can be your perfect one-stop-shop. Not only do they sell commercially made products, but also have a variety of handmade soaps, candles and leadglass products. They also offer classes to those who are interested in craft work. These classes can be attended in groups or individually.

The craftshop makes a huge contribution to our community. They sell local handmade products from old age homes and products made by children from the Kleinbegin after school project. In their attempt to always provide clients with the best creative offerings and support the local market, they’re selling works by the best local artists. They have also extended their distribution area by selling their products to secondary shops nearby.

The craftshop launched a new project early this year called “Tin City”. This project includes painting pieces of metal which are turned into magnets.

Clients can also get their products by order. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll make it our duty to find you the product you’re looking for.

To find out more about the Fairhills Craftshop don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail: craft@fairhillscraft.co.za/or Tel: +27 (23) 3496743

Written by Marlen Hendricks


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