Arriving Alive

20 May

To be a bus driver is a huge responsibility, especially when you’re transporting children.

5th of May 2010 at about 17h15 on our way home: Arriving at the crossing on the R101 (old N1 road), we suddenly hear a smashing sound. Everybody jumps out of their seats out of shock and curiousity. Two bakkies (pick-ups) collided with each other. The impact threw the one vehicle into another bakkie standing less than two meters from the Fairhills bus. It could’ve been the bus that was hit if it wasn’t for that bakkie standing in front of us.

The accident happened unnecessarily. One of the drivers was under the influence of alcohol, ignored a stop sign and caused an accident. The busdriver, Mr. Lewies Beedtjies, closed his eyes as it happened because he knew it would be a close call. I was shocked. I once was involved in a motor vehicle accident and believe me, I never want to experience that feeling again.

The Fairhills project already lost a bakkie in an accident and we know we cannot afford to loose another. This last accident happened on the same crossing. Luckily the Fairhills driver who was not at fault, did not have any serious injuries. Unfortunately the bakkie was written-off.

We all know that we are living in a community where alcohol has negatively affected many people’s lives. When you bring it behind the wheel, it becomes a lethal weapon. Driving can be fun because it gives freedom, but challenging and dangerous at the same time. Obeying the rules and road signs can save a live. We have a responsibility towards each other to be safe, not drink and drive and arrive alive.

Written by Marlen Hendricks


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