Everyday in Rawsonville

29 Apr

Rawsonville, is a small town near Worcester, established in the beautiful Breede Valley surrounded by mountains and vineyards.

I woke up from a good night’s rest, the silence of the night and the soft breeze of the wind blowing through my window frame. Eating a good balanced breakfast, after I’ve taken a run and a warm shower, I’m off to work. As I walk to work the scent of fresh grapes, just harvested from its vine, remind me of the privilege I have to be in this place.

I listen to calming music and write a text massage on my cellphone. A tractor passes by full of delicious white grapes, on its way to the cellar. The driver is full of smiles. We exchange hearty greetings as people in this valley do. Along the road I see a group of farm workers busy with the harvest. The expression on their faces seem to say: “I’m proud of what I do”.

At work it is “good morning” to my colleagues and partners. We sit down to a cup of coffee and discuss the day’s work. There is lots to be done. We start preparations for visitors from Germany who want to see first-hand what the project is all about. They will visit one of the three daycare centers and come to the community centre, the heart of our project.

As you have heard, I’m working as a library assistant and, as usual, kids visit the library after school to come get some books to read. After helping them I deal with the necessary admin. The day is long, but satisfying. At the end of it, my colleagues and I get ready to take the Fairhills bus that transports us to and from work. We hop on and make our way to go pick up the last children from one of the daycare centers. Their faces are so cheerful. We drop each and everyone of them off at their different destinations.

As people get off at their homes there’s usually greets here and smiles there. For moms and dads, it’s time to get a bit of rest with a cup of tea or coffee in front of the television waiting for their favorite soapie to begin before they start preparing dinner for their families. They can’t wait to, again, get a good nights sleep in this lovely little place called Rawsonville.

*Written by Marlen Hendricks


One Response to “Everyday in Rawsonville”

  1. gavin June 3, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

    keep up the good work and all the best you guys.Cheers

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